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What We Are

VENA-CAVA is a curatorial platform responsible for generating awareness through narratives, strategies, and communication campaigns, as well as high-value content that fosters skills, resources, ideas and values for Human Sustainability. We are a flexible, dynamic and secure bridge, providing services focused on connecting our clients with projects of common good that complement their own history. We work to help them give meaning to their work, to support causes that benefit women and men whose growth will in turn positively affect the causes themselves. This way, we contribute to their becoming engines for sustainability. We have the tools to detect the best candidates in all kinds of social responsibility projects, as well as to weave the strategic bonds necessary for the realization of each cause.

What We Do

We create narratives by connecting corporations, companies, government entities, profit and nonprofit collectives, people and events, with different causes that promote Human Sustainability. We entwine their interests in multidisciplinary, dynamic and highly functional platforms, which we call social responsibility contexts. We propound ways of collective organization in which corporations, brands and different business entities promote, propose, and support the free act of a specific society to strengthen a social group that, in this way, will develop their responsibility, their awareness and their willingness, as well as their possibilities of exercising and enhancing their capacities and their intellect. This results in an expansion of the individual with new narratives of development, human fulfillment and self-esteem. Such expansion also includes the whole collective and, of course, the advocates of these initiatives, our clients.



Human sustainability is the narrative that fosters the activation of all the abilities and capacities individuals have, where the collectives become suitable atmospheres, not only to discover such capacities, but to develop them supported by the network of trust and assistance that is built among its members, who share a sense of purpose. We believe in collective systems of leadership where the group grows as the talents of individuals are perfected and added up. Part of our duty is for each individual to bring forward and contribute the best of themselves to the benefit of all, regardless of the conditions of their environment, because we seek to synthesize value from any circumstance in which we participate.

Human sustainability relies on being open to new realities and situations that lead us to challenge the known, and to experience and learn to react to the new. And thus, discover the breadth of our scope and possibilities. It is the result of social responsibility and the attitude that people, companies and collectives have toward service.

It is a way of learning to find the well-being of the human conglomerate via awareness, regardless of diverse ideologies, limitations, philosophies, beliefs or judgments. Our goal is for society and human beings to achieve prosperity in their own definition.



Every topic, every concept, every idea, every project, including every action, to be sustainable in Vena-Cava, must pass through four points of revision:

1. What am I talking about?

This implies an absolute clarity of the issues we address and the subjects we collaborate in, from the narrative to the essence of the specific project, for which the concept to be transmitted must be defined in all integrity, in the first place.

2. How is this relevant in time and space?

It is essential to review the intention and the impact that it will create on the group, describing what happens, giving information about the facts and the frame of reference.

3) How does it look in implemented cases?

Synthesizing will be used for each case and/or example.

4) How do I participate?

Through the ability to respond and the willingness to partake of each situation.



We develop contexts focused on connecting different social causes with various private and public organizations, helping give them sustainability and exposure, so that the interaction is endowed with meaning and creates a positive impact on corporate culture. This would also promote the destination of funds and human resources towards these causes, difficult to access otherwise. Its purpose is for these connections to become long-term, profitable and lasting relationships.

Social responsibility is more than a simple way of “giving back to society.” It is a way to create a virtuous circle, a way of life. Functional collectives formed by individuals with high awareness, ample responsibility and willingness to participate. Efficient groups sharing goals with clear purpose, committed to the well-being and improvement of each individual as a priority, and calibrating the direction towards human sustainability.

A context of social responsibility is that environment where different stakeholders participate, seek and help to generate purpose and common sense from a cause. Contexts of responsibility are tailor-made, adapting in time and space to the ever-changing needs of dynamic collectives.

In VENA-CAVA, we have social responsibility as a platform tailored to each client's needs, which harness their efforts on the construction of a narrative of expansion. On the one hand, this narrative activates the ability to respond for those who participate in it. On the other hand, it reflects in productivity and efficiency for their own companies and organizations.

We believe that the road to peace is through personal transformation, which impacts social evolution directly, promoting the creation of opportunities that encourage individuals to be the protagonists of their own development.



Some of the causes that VENA-CAVA connects with its clients, and gives visibility to, are:

1. La Casa de las Mujeres que Curan (The home of women healers)

It is a group of women in the municipality of Chemax, Yucatan, dedicated to contribute to the physical and spiritual health of Mayan women in the region, through natural and traditional medicine, herbs, and hands-on physical therapy. A wonderful project in which VENA-CAVA detected the immediate need to define clear goals and a work plan for the operation of the house. We intend to connect this work plan with companies and people who would help us provide solid foundations and direction, so that its members can develop their skills and expertise optimally.

2. Pueblos Indígenas (Indigenous peoples)

VENA-CAVA contributes to the permanence and sustainability of multiple indigenous support programs and their organizational processes, to effectively address issues, marginalization, and backwardness suffered by these communities, with the support of companies and groups willing to open new development opportunities for men and women belonging to these marginalized groups.

3. Thriving Skills

A program for families, especially with children six to twelve years old, dedicated to raising awareness and values in our future generation of leaders, as well as improving parent/child relationships through workshops, good works, and talks that provide tools for the little ones to tread confidently in their lives and open a new and positive vision of the world around us.

4. Grants & Sponsorships

Although we are mainly a conveyor, sometimes we are also involved and participate with organizations in certain situations. We are always interested in ways to create opportunities that open more possibilities. For more information email:

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  • 5. VENA-CAVA Consulting Scholarships

    This is a yearlong program that Vena-Cava offers as a custom designed experience. Its purpose is to strengthen self-care, self-awareness, and authentic self-esteem for leaders that are qualified and ready to engage, yet, have not been able to find a job. We do this through workshops and discussions that dive deep to enable more rapid assimilation into a life style. This is targeted toward human beings that are in integrity and living to the fullness of their potential, not because of the gratification from their work, but because that is who they are, that is how they behave always, all ways. Of course, this results in enhanced beings that would organically improve productivity. We believe in the principles of Responsibility, Awareness and Willingness (see RAW Warrior below), and that the only way is through the compass of Human Sustainability. We promote success from the inside out, creating a safe space while training these leaders to be fully engaged with their individuality in a healthy way. Thus, they become aware of their own greatest asset… themselves! From that awareness, they engage with effective and functional collectives in their field of work, in their families, and the world.

    6. RAW Warrior

    We are currently working on the development of the RAW Warrior digital service platform (RAW stands for Responsibility, Awareness and Willingness), which aims to create continuity platforms that contribute to raise awareness, to awaken human abilities, and to open the perception of reality to different approaches promoting sustainability.


    Claudia Flores Alcántara

    (Mexico, D.F., 1974)

    Claudia Flores Alcántara, is a Mexican activists and social entrepreneur who is based in the cities of Los Angeles and Mexico City since 2002. She is an author and adviser on human sustainability issues: philosophy promoting a narrative of Responsibility, Awareness and Willingness towards functional groups (see RAW Warrior below). Claudia is also the founder of nonprofit organizations, such as VENA-CAVA, dedicated to giving visibility to social causes through social responsibility contexts. Also, she is involved in creative and artistic activities in various capacities.



    We are in association with various collectives and other platforms of awareness, whose work have a positive impact on various social groups and human environments that we seek to empower. Among them are:

    Social Impact Media Awards
    Creative Visions
    NALA Investments
    Circus Marketing


    Why this is for you

    Anyone can participate in responsibility contexts. No person, company, or organization, regardless of its size, can remain isolated from the world around it, as it provides raw material, work force, productive interactions, and feedback. We are all part of a world of abundance that must remain in constant balance. At the organizational level, a company that acts with social responsibility will contribute to improve society. That implies improvements in education, infrastructure and security. Thus, the company becomes part of a much richer society that can offer it better collaborators, more potential customers, higher quality products, and even greater development and brand projection where they are located. Those inhabitants of the community that accomplish improvement, develop a virtuous circle and maintain a deep commitment to the company that contributed to the multiplication of such benefits. This is one of the reasons why part of our job is to find the ideal candidates and causes for the organization; those that are attuned with their objectives and values, maximizing productivity and efficiency. Well-being is balance. This implies to know and calibrate one’s self according to the collectives we participate in. Therefore, any of us can benefit from a context of social responsibility, because it is an optimal ecosystem for personal, business and community fulfillment. Just as each person is much more than the profession through which they present themselves to the world, companies are also living organisms and extensions of their creators that play a more transcendental role than just generating business. Large corporations, small businesses, retail businesses, foundations, artists, brands, etc., are all responsible for codifying the narrative and language of evolution, for ourselves and the generations to come. Today, we have the opportunity to become aware of the design of these spaces of expansion, to generate a narrative of pro-activism where we serve people, and help them to make of their lives and the world a sustainable place where we all can realize ourselves and grow. Atmospheres where we collaborate in teams, giving the best of ourselves in an authentic, organic and genuine way.

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